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Luma is a brand of MAY+SPIES GMBH

Marker Paper

Hello, my name is Luma!

I was developed exclusively for all creative people and artists, especially those who like to work with marker pens. The use of markers places very high demands on me. Therefore, I’m an extremely durable and reliable 180 g/m² marker drawing board, which ensures fine and precise results. With my help, you can easily express your creative ideas.

The especially smooth and soft texture of my paper as well as my absorbent and color-permeable surface are ideal for simple, delicate strokes with fineliners, pencils or colored pencils or multi-layer applications of color with markers, watercolors or drawing ink. I can be used on both sides because the surface and color of both sides are identical.

To keep every sheet clean and protected, a distinctive and reclosable design box was created for me. A great collector’s item that every creative person should have!


RRP: € 9.95

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Luma Marker Paper

Luma Marker Papier, 180g/m², DIN A3 und A4, säurefrei, hochweiß, glatte Oberfläche

Luma Marker Paper

Product description

  • Paper type: marker paper, acid-free, resistant to aging

  • Weight: 180 g/m²

  • Color: bright white

  • Surface: especially smooth surface

  • Available in two formats:
    Variant 1: DIN A4, 40 single sheets or 
    Variant 2: DIN A3, 20 single sheets

  • Also suitable for design box refills

  • Cover page: contains product information


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RRP: € 11.95

Luma “Marker” Design Box

Luma Designbox Marker 

Design box product description

  • Design box: reclosable design box with insert flap for multiple-use of drafts and drawing paper, plus small indentations on the reverse side for additional stability when sliding individual sheets in/out

  • Design box material: High-quality, sturdy packaging made of 380 g/m² Invercote Creato with silk matte protective coating

  • Includes: 180 g/m² bright white, acid-free marker paper, especially smooth surface, resistant to aging

  • Available in two formats:
    Variant 1: DIN A4, 40 single sheets or 
    Variant 2: DIN A3, 20 single sheets 


Luma "Mixpack" Design box

Luma Mixpack Design box


RRP: € 11.95

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Not all marker papers are alike. Every marker paper reacts differently to painting and drawing techniques, depending on the paper grammage, the paper structure, the manufacturing process, personal experience and individual preferences. Each painting and drawing technique has its own requirements and challenges. You can achieve impressive artistic results, depending on which marker pens and techniques you use. 

Graphic artists, illustrators, designers, manga artists, comic and fantasy artists, architects, amateur artists and many more will enjoy Luma Marker Paper.

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